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Trees Have Roots - Yours are Important

Family Trees Project

All over the world researchers are going along the same avenues of research for their Glenlivet roots.  If everyone researching families in this area were to share information by collecting the results of their searches in a “Trees Project,” it would be very rewarding for current researchers, and for future generations, to have local family trees available both on line and locally.

The success of this project depends on your completion of as much as is possible of the blank ancestor tree. Just open the Chart file, complete it, and save with your initial/s and surname and Email it direct to me.

Our ancestors would be very proud to see how well they are respected and their history preserved. Let us try to continue in this spirit and hand down an accessible archive recording our forebears as a fitting tribute to them and a legacy for our descendants.

The history of the Scalan; its mission of training the boys for the priesthood, and its place in the community are well recorded in "Scalan, The Forbidden College" by John Watts.

I thank all who are taking part for helping to make this project a great success.

My best to you and yours, Maureen Gibb


Download Ancestor's Tree File


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