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Since March 2006 we have been providing our visually impaired subscribers with a free audio tape of each THISTLEdown. Until about 2 years ago we used the facilities kindly offered to us by the Moray Companion but in a cost cutting exercise the recordings are now done locally using our own recording machine. These recordings are then reproduced for us for free by Alan Taylor of Elgin. Alan posts them out in the specially created padded envelope that the subscriber, once they have listened to the tape, uses to return the tape back to us, post free.

Sadly our subscribers have now dwindled to zero despite our best efforts to recruit more listeners. Jim Hendry, our Recording Co-ordinator, feels that this is the time for him to hand over the reins.
Unless we can find a replacement co-ordinator, and more importantly more subscribers for the service, our THISTLEdown Talking Pages will be consigned to history.
If you feel you would like to take up the challenge of finding new subscribers and restart the recordings we would love to hear from you.
e mail
if you would like more information.

Click on the link below
to hear a sample of Talking THISTLEdown, entitled
By Royal Command. This poem was recorded, at the age of 98 years, by the late Miss Margaret Helen Innes The poem was written by her sister Mrs Elma Chitty.

By Royal Command recording

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