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Public Meeting Jan 2006

Minutes of the public meeting held on 25 January 2006 at Inveravon School

1. Apologies

None received.

2. Minutes of the meeting held at Glenlivet Public Hall on 26 October 2005.

As is now the custom a shortened version of the minutes was read by the Secretary - these minutes having been available in draft form at Tomnavoulin and Ballindalloch shop and by e-mail on request. The minutes were ratified at a Community Association Committee meeting.

3. Matters Arising.

(a) Biomass
An open meeting concerning this had been held at Glenlivet distillery on 14 January 2006. The Secretary said that herself and Sarah Walker had independently taken notes. These they had collated and condensed into a report that would appear in the next edition of Thistledown - due out on 15 March 2006. To refresh the memory of those that had attended and to bring those who had been unable to do so 'up to speed' the Chairman read this report.

Various questions were raised, either again or as new queries. A discussion followed. In the absence of Fergus Tickell or a representative of Chivas Bros. the matter could not be taken further. The Chairman confirmed that another public meeting would be convened if and when the matter went to planning. The Community Association would stay in close contact with Mr. Tickell and keep the community informed.

One of the questions had concerned noise and light pollution. Brian Fowler raised this in connection with present operations. He had discussed this with Alan Winchester of Chivas Bros. and he believed steps to ameliorate current noise and excessive use of light could be addressed. Also screening of the site. He suggested the Community Association take this matter up with the distillery. It was agreed that this should be pursued.

(b) Glenlivet Community Council
The Chairman said the date for nominations from community members to this body had passed. They could, however, be co-opted on by the present Council. In attendance at the meeting were Community Council representatives Jenny Herschell and Chris Howarth. They explained that they were still in the process of 'setting-up' but suggested that GICA nominees attend their next meeting as observers - with a view to being co-opted at that time. The nominees were Patricia Lawson; Angus Donaldson; Jim Gillespie and Rita Dingwall.

John Shewan, Rita Marks and Sarah Walker had attended a seminar arranged by the Association of Cairngorm Community Councils where Ann Callaghan representing the Scottish Executive had answered questions on a discussion document on Community Councils. She had expressed surprise at the size of the Glenlivet Community Council - both geographically and in respect of rural population numbers. She considered there was a case to be made to Moray Council for reconsideration of the boundaries. Jenny Herschell also believed that they would, in time, be able to tell the Council that the area was unworkable - if that proved to be the case.

Rita Marks to pass the Scottish Executive discussion document to Angus Donaldson for his information.

(c) Moray Access Forum.
GICA's nomination, Jenny Gate, had been successful in obtaining a place on this. GICA Secretary, Rita Marks, was also on the Forum as Chair of Moray Tourism Forum. She reported that the first meeting was fixed for 28 February 2006.

(d) Road signs.
A letter sent to Elaine Penney of Environmental Services at Moray Council requesting an up-date on various road matters had been sent. She had acknowledged receipt of this by telephone and would be communicating shortly.

Marypark. The installation of this agreed sign appeared to be hanging fire.
Ballindalloch. Chairman John Shewan, had made repeated phone calls to BEAR about this matter without success. Councillor Andrina Taylor agreed to pursue both issues.

(e) Downan graveyard.
Nothing to report.

(f) Auditing of Accounts.
This had now been done and Alex Bodman had handed over as Treasurer to Fiona Toovey.

4 Correspondence

The Secretary said a letter had been received from the Financial Ombudsman in response to GICA's letter regarding Clydesdale Bank branch closures. It was not within their remit. There was also a letter regarding the TV mast which she would read when that item came up on the agenda. The Chairman had received a letter from Jean Hendry regarding the Car share Scheme. The future of this was in doubt. Scottish Executive funding agreed was dependent on match funding and this had been refused by Moray Council. She requested that a letter in support of the scheme from GICA be sent to Moray Council. This was agreed. Councillor Bob Wilson said he would raise the matter again in Council as he did not believe that it had been understood that the Scottish Executive funding was conditional.

4. Sub-committee reports

i) Best Kept Village
Sarah Walker said there was nothing to report beyond reminding people that the first meeting of the season would be held at The Falls at 2.30 pm on 14 February 2006. Everyone was welcome .

ii) Fishing

The Speyside Way path by the river was eroded near the footbridge. This was the responsibility of the Speyside Way Management Committee. There was a suggestion that it might be dug-out as an interim measure with a possible re-routing to follow. The footbridge between Drumin and Downan was also dangerous, with a plank missing. This would be taken up with the Crown. Jenny Gate said she had reported these matters in November.

iii) Marypark Play Park
Nothing to report.

iv) Tea in the Park.
The sub-committee had looked at likely expenses, in the light of the probable absence of grant funding, and the possible profit ensuing. In the light of their findings they were suggesting an affordable rent with regard to the Glenlivet Public Hall. A paper would be submitted to the GICA committee. Three of their members would then negotiate with three Hall Committee members. This had been agreed by the Hall Committee at their last meeting and in the mean time they were looking at their running expenses. Eleanor McIntosh asked about the time scale. The next GICA committee meeting was 15 March 2006 and it was hoped negotiations would take place soon after. John Shewan took the opportunity to inform the meeting that Eleanor MacIntosh was the new Chair of the Hall Committee.

v) TV Mast.
Repairs completed. Grant money received. The Secretary read out a letter from Ofcom which appeared to offer some hope of assistance to Self-help Arial groups when the analogue signal is switched off in 2010. A consultation will take place.

vi) Cairngorm National Park.
Eleanor MacIntosh had nothing specific to report. She urged everyone to comment on the Draft Local Plan. (Agenda item)

vii) Association of Cairngorm Community Councils.
In future this would appear under sub-committee headings for report. Rita Marks is GICA's representative and is also on the Board of Directors. The ACCC, she said, was a useful conduit for matters of general concern within the Park. John Shewan had already updated the meeting on the recent seminar on Community Councils.

5. Calor Gas Awards.

There was an alternative suggestion from Mary Hogg for a sound system for the hall.

It was agreed that people should have an opportunity to think about the suggestions and that the matter would be considered further in committee.

6. Draft Local Plan.

The Secretary and the Chairman had both looked at this weighty document but had found it very hard to assess. In response to a question from Eleanor MacIntosh the Chairman said this was not because it was badly written but because of the sheer volume of material. For a more professional assessment the document had been given to local architect and community member Ken Lawson.
He had gone through it and had various points he considered worth commenting on. A response from GICA had to be in shortly. It was decided that a sub-committee would liase and submit a response. Members; Ken Lawson; Fiona Toovey; Jim Hogg and the Secretary (to write the report)

7. Dog Fouling/Litter
Maria Norman raised the question of fouling of footpaths by dogs. The Crown had erected notices in some places asking that dogs be prevented from fouling the footpaths and she wondered if Pooper Scooper bins could be installed. Councillor Wilson said these could be installed where considered necessary but then there was the issue of emptying them - with the associated costs. It would not be feasible to install them along footpaths. A general discussion ensued with the feeling of the meeting being that dog owners should remove any excrement from the site and take it home for disposal.

The question of general litter was also discussed. Cliff Wright wanted notices placed asking people to keep the area tidy. Sarah Walker said the Best Kept Village Group regularly displayed notices supplied by Keep Scotland Beautiful. The Group, as well as many individuals, carried out regular litter-picks.
Education was the answer - albeit a very long term one. Councillor Wilson said if anyone saw litter being thrown from a car they should note the number plate and phone the police on their call centre number. Despite scepticism within the audience he said this could lead to action being taken against the perpetrators. Val Ireland said this number had been publicised in Thistledown in the past but that the newspaper would do so again

John Shewan expressed pleasure that the redundant petrol sign had been removed from Tomnavoulin shop. The issue of a donation from Thames would be pursued.

8. Tsunami Money

9. Any Other Business

Val Ireland asked if anything had transpired from past discussions as to an alternative entrance to Downan graveyard - from the car park instead of on the road. Disabled visitors were forced to park on the narrow road, posing a danger, and some thoughtless able-bodies persons did the same.

Questioned Councillor Wilson agreed that the Disabled Access laws would mean the Council would have to address the problem. Val Ireland said if this was so it was imperative that any new access was from the car park, not the road. Community members believed this issue had been raised before and a letter sent to the Council. The secretary's current correspondence book did not go back far enough but she would look at earlier correspondence and write afresh.

Mary Hogg asked if anyone else had experienced vandalism. Her car wiper blades had been torn off. Rita Marks said a solar light was missing from her garden. There were no other examples.

10. Date of the Next Meeting: 26 April 2006 at Glenlivet Public Hall. Time: 7.30 pm.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.0 pm.

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