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Public Meeting April 2007


Draft Minutes of the meeting held at Glenlivet Public Hall on 25 April 2007

1. Apologies.

Val Ireland. Fiona Toovey. Michael McGillivray. Jo Durno. Eric Weddell.

2. Minutes of the Community Association meeting of 31 January 2007 and the
Committee meeting of 15 March 2007

3. Matters Arising.

The Chairman apologised for the lack of agendas - technical problems.

i) Speeding in Tomnavoulin

A speed sign with a 'smiley face' had been erected in Tomnavoulin. Mary Hogg reported that the speed of traffic through the area had decreased significantly. It was not known how long the sign would remain in situ but it should be replaced with a 'Crossing' sign.

ii) Notice Boards.

The Marypark one had been erected. Thanks were expressed to Paul Westmacot for his assistance. The Ballindalloch board still has to be sited.

iii) Downan Graveyard.

Patricia Lawson reported that, unfortunately, the test holes at Drumin had proved unsatisfactory. The hunt for a new site was back on. The Crown Estate remained supportive and any suggestions as to a new site would be welcomed.

iv) Ballindalloch signs.

These had now been replaced with Inveravon signs.

v) Tree felling at Downan.

This had now been tidied up. The Crown Estate Forester was reviewing the tree situation at Auchbreck corner.

vi) School Lights.

As agreed the Secretary had written to Moray Council Education Department. They had forwarded the letter to the Estates Department but no reply had been received from them to date. Carole Stuart reported that the lights were still on all night. Bob Wilson suggested writing to Environmental Services referring to light pollution.

vii) Crown Estate Review.

As agreed the Secretary had written to all interested parties and replies had been received. The ones from the Scottish Executive and Moray Council 'shelved' all issues until after the May 3 elections! Bob Wilson said it was not true that Moray Council had officially commended the report - they were satisfied with the management of the Crown Estates within Moray.

viii) Crown Estate Community meeting.

Andrea Stevenson raised the question of the state of the ground behind Blairfindy Castle. The Chair agreed to raise this at the next meeting. Any other items for discussion with the Crown Estate should be passed to him.

4. Correspondence.

Apart from the replies to letters already reported on the only other correspondence concerned Fishing - on the agenda - and the Core Paths Plan for the Cairngorms National Park. These plans had been on display at a meeting in Tomintoul and could also be viewed in libraries or downloaded from the CNP website. The secretary had a copy. Responses from individuals or groups would be welcomed.

A consultation document on proposed changes to the library service had been received and discussed in committee. GICA had responded deploring the suggested change from a 2-week to a 3-week calling rota for the mobile library as a further erosion of services in a rural area - while welcoming the fact that the service itself was not currently under threat.

5. Sub-committee reports.

i) Best Kept Village.

The first meeting of the season had been held. Plans were made and jobs allocated. It was proposed to paint the tubs at the Public Hall and at Tomnavoulin Green to harmonise what had become a disparate collection of sizes and conditions of tubs. Volunteers were sought to assist with this. It was not intended to repaint any of the other tubs, as a natural look was more in keeping with 'country' surroundings.

ii) Fishing.

Beat markers in progress. Flyers were being delivered to holiday cottages and B and B's. A suggestion had been made in committee that the Tomintoul TIC is asked to sell Fishing Permits. The secretary had followed this up and it was permissible but 10% commission would be charged. This would be reduced to 5% for charities so it was proposed to use the Speyside Council umbrella group in order to utilise their charity number. Patricia Lawson would pursue this at their next meeting. The question of fishing on the Avon is an agenda item.

iii) Marypark Playpark.

This was now completed with the equipment in place, the ground tidied up and re-seeded. Mrs. Russell would perform the official opening ceremony at 4.00 pm on Saturday 5 May 2007. Everyone was invited to come along, try the equipment, bring a picnic and socialise.

iv) Tea in the Park

A debrief meeting for the 2006 event and a forward planning meeting for 2007 had been held. A draft rota had been drawn up. Posters, flyers and advertisements were in the course of production. The advertising budget had been trimmed and some new strategies adopted. The standard format would be supplemented with the Glenlivet Country Market in the back hall. A Fun Event would be held on the last day - similar to that held last year.

v) TV Mast.

Nothing to report.

6. Reports from GICA representatives on other bodies.

i) Speyside Council

The AGM will be held on 24 May. Items under consideration would be changes to the constitution, the future of Moray libraries and the Core Paths Plan.

ii) Cairngorms National Park

John Shewan welcomed Eleanor MacIntosh and congratulated her on her re-election to the board. She reported that the Core Paths Plan was out for consultation. The Local Plan would be signed off in draft form at the end of the week. The main items of possible controversy within the plan concerned housing. All new developments of 2 or more houses must have 50% available for 'affordable (not just social) housing. There would also be a one-off charge for new homes if it were not for a key worker.

She reminded the community that board meetings were open and in the evening before each one there was an informal 'meet the board' session where useful contacts could be made and concerns raised.

iii) Glenlivet Community Council

Angus Donaldson reported that the next meeting of the GCC, which would be the AGM, was on Monday 31 April 2007 at 7.30 pm in Tomintoul School. There was one item on the agenda - namely the proposed dissolution of the GCC as allowed under the constitution. Members of the public were welcome to attend but could only speak by invitation.

7. Fishing on the Avon.

A letter had been received from Smiths Gore explaining the temporary arrangements that had been made, up to November, because of the need to have a solution that accommodated those fishers who had already booked. It was hoped that after November some form of Community Trust could take over the operation. If this were not possible the beats would be put out to tender. It was understood there was already interest and some consortiums being formed to bid for this. Keeping the fishing within the Tomintoul/Glenlivet communities could be a great opportunity - but there were considerable financial implications.

It was agreed that the Chair and the fishing sub-committee discuss the matter further and meet with the other interested bodies.

8. Developments at Knowehead.

Apologies for absence were given on behalf of Gary Johnson who was attending a funeral. Present were four members of staff led by Tony Kripp, Head of Care. He explained that four services would be provided, two of which were up and running. Two houses would function as residential care homes with 2 or 3 children in each. At present there were 3 children. There would also be a residential school with up to 5 places by the end of the year. Children would be between 12 and 18 and came from a disruptive or autistic background. The outdoor education team would take children on outdoor experience trips throughout Scotland while background work went on with their families.

The audience had a great many questions - many based on the original proposals for Knowehead which no longer applied. Tony Kripps disclaimed any knowledge of the original concept and explained he could only speak for the new set-up as he understood it. The Chair expressed regret that the community had not been kept up-to-speed with changing developments as they had originally been promised. If that had been done there would not have been so many rumours, many of which might be unfounded.

Questions ranged from planning matters to the suitability of the lodges as accommodation, security measures or the lack of them, staff issues and the religious status of some of the directors. Sue Malden, Head of the Family Support team, answered questions on childcare.

There was also some support expressed for the concept from the angle of job opportunities and also giving children from a deprived background a chance in life.

Tony Kripp agreed to write an article for the next issue of Thistledown due out in early June and also invited any community members who wished to look around the site to do so.

Prior to Any Other Business Chair John Shewan thanked Councillors Bob Wilson and Andrina Taylor for their regular attendance at Community meetings. Bob Wilson was not standing again in the May elections but Andrina Taylor was. Bob Wilson said it had been a pleasure to take part in such well-attended meetings. Eleanor MacIntosh expressed concern that under the new ward arrangements there would no longer be a dedicated councillor for the area.

9. Any Other Business

There was concern that Moray Council did not re-cycle plastics. Rita Marks said she understood from Shona Dryburgh, Moray Council Waste Minimisation Officer, that discussions regarding this were currently taking place. In response to a question from Carole Stuart she said the re-cycling bins were emptied weekly. A further paper/cardboard bin was agreed for Glenlivet. Patricia Lawson reminded people that further e-cycling facilities were available at Inveravon School. Rita Marks said an article concerning plastic re-cycling would be appearing in the next edition of Thistledown.

Angus Donaldson requested that people using the notice board brought their own drawing pins and didn't cannibalise other notices. Eleanor MacIntosh requested that some thought be given to re-surfacing the board. Affixing notices was very difficult.

On the subject of the notice board Rita Marks said, as secretary, she intended removing a notice advertising a commercial enterprise (electrical services) from the board. It had always been agreed that the board was for official notices or community or charity events. This was a question which resurfaced every couple of years. Carole Stuart argued that an electrician provided a community service and that was different to an accommodation provider.
Someone else suggested that a charge be imposed for using the board. Most present strongly supported the status quo where use of the board was in question. A show of hands gave an overwhelming verdict in favour of keeping the present restrictions.

Steve Oliver publicised two events from the Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival taking place in the area. Glenlivet Distillery was offering a free Fun Day on 5 May 2007 and the same evening there was a Ceilidh and meal in Glenlivet Public Hall.

Mary Hogg publicised a Hostess Evening, in aid of Hall funds, to be held on 26 May 2007.

10. Date of the Next Meeting

25 July 2007 at 7.30 pm in The Braes Hall

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.15 pm.
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