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Public meetings are held on the last Wednesday of the month of October, January, April and July at 7.30 pm.

The next public meeting should be on the 27th January 2021. However if this is not allowed to take place, because of Covid-19 restrictions, please send any points that you would like to be raised to Tricia Lawson and these will be discussed at the next committee meeting.
The 2020 AGM held on the 28th October was by Zoom and with a telephone link.

If anyone would like to be on GICA’s mailing list please e-mail Tricia Lawson at

Under normal conditions the venue for meetings travels around the area;
please check or look at the e mail which you receive for details.

For non e-mailers please ring 01807 500225

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Read minutes of meetings online here:

What Is GICA?

GICA is Glenlivet and Inveravon Community Association, and it's quite simply everyone who lives in Glenlivet and Inveravon - you don't have to join, you are automatically a member because you live here! GICA promotes the welfare and interests of all the residents regardless of politics, religion, culture or age.

Where Is GICA?

GICA meetings are held quarterly and the venue moves about between The Braes Hall, Glenlivet Public Hall and Inveravon Primary School. Meetings are usually held at 7.30pm. on the last Wednesday in January, April, July and October.  The AGM is held in October. Naturally everyone is welcome to come along and ask questions and join in the discussions.

Who Is GICA?

GICA is run by a committee of twelve with a Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer and representatives from all over the community reflecting different ages and interest groups. We are especially proud of having an under-sixteen youth representative who puts forward the views of our young people. Our local councillors attend and so do officers from The Moray Council to discuss specific issues.

We are also very proud of the way we publicise our doings; the minutes of meetings can be found on this website and are also in the local shops for all to see.

What Does GICA Do?

If you have a problem that needs solving, a question that needs answering or an idea to put forward you can contact any committee member. GICA deals with everything at grass-roots level from road safety to recycling, from fishing to floral displays, from television to Tea in the Park, and literally anything else in between that affects residents.

How To Find Out More

To find out when the next GICA meeting is and other contact details, visit this website, look in THISTLEdown and come along to the next meeting to hear more about what GICA does and what's going on in your community.

Officers - For full committee see AGM Minutes

Chair John Shewan
01807 590809
Vice Chair
Secretary Tricia Lawson
01807 500225
Treasurer Fiona Toovey - 01807 590339
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