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I’ve just looked back at what I wrote last time, happily announcing that we were back in the churches for the weekly services in Inveravon and Tomintoul. Well, it lasted until January 3rd, and now we are back into lockdown with the churches shut again, apart from funerals and weddings.
But there are positive signs in the midst of the gloomy picture. The vaccines are arriving in what seems like a steady stream and many of you will have received one by the time you read this. We owe grateful thanks to those who worked long, tiring hours developing a vaccine in record time; and to those who are now working all hours to deliver it into eagerly waiting arms.
The year has been long, and for many, quite lonely and disheartening. The children have missed school and their friends for long periods. For the adults, worry about the virus has been mixed with anxieties about work and job security. But neighbours have continued to look out for neighbours, and, when Covid is a memory, may that concern for others remain as a permanent feature of our lives.
We may not be in the church but the Christian calendar continues regardless, Easter Sunday this year falls on April 4th. During the week preceding we remember Jesus riding through cheering crowds into Jerusalem, knowing full well that he was heading towards his death. An end cheered for by many of the same people who had been so pleased to see him a few days before. He spends time with his friends, knowing they would be carrying on his work – work that continues today, all over the world.
Easter has become inextricably linked to eggs, usually lovely chocolate ones! But how many of you still go out on Easter Sunday and roll eggs down a slope – great fun and some of those eggs move very fast indeed! But why do we roll eggs? Jesus was buried in a tomb cut out of the rock, sealed by a heavy stone which was rolled into a groove in the doorway – not easy to roll away for anyone outside and impossible to achieve from inside. Yet when Mary and the other ladies went there the stone was rolled away and Jesus was gone. Reminded that Jesus had told them that he would die on the Cross but would rise again, they went off to share the good news. You can re-read the story in Luke 24.
I hope you do get to go out and roll eggs, hard boiled of course, and after you’ve had the fun of decorating them! And as you do, remember our Saviour who died for us and was buried – but three days later, the tomb found empty, the stone rolled away. Just as your eggs are rolling - reminding us that the stone was rolled away, and that Jesus, God’s beloved Son, is alive and with us now and forever.
And may God’s blessing be on us all.
Barbara Black, Parish Assistant, Tomintoul, Glenlivet and Inveraven.
Ed Note: Go to page 9 to learn how to colour your eggs.
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